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Excision remains the same it is basically to take a part out of a whole.

In Lagos state due to the General Acquisition done over the whole of Ibeju Lekki the various land owning families and communities are to apply by way of Excision for the land to be formally released back to them.

The act of this release is called excision. Many families or communities do same after which the government publishes the release of the land via a Gazette.

A departure from this was initiated sometime in 2012 that the approved excisions rather than they be Gazetted they should process Certificates of Occupancy instead and this is what majorly obtains from about 2014.

But the present administration has promised to publish and approve many pending excisions via the gazette route later this year as the the c of o after excision was costing extra to stake holders.

Now that we understand the history a village excision is what it is an excision for a village like all communities and families have.

Excision block is still excision the government just prepares a list and approves them in bulk

Government excision is still excision as its the government that approves all excisions.

Friends, excision is excision it’s just nomenclature or language used to describe an excision the same way c of o is c of o whether global agric or Regularisation

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